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Mora Alternative Learning Center

* located in the Mora High  School  Room 290 



Karen Felger - ALC Coordinator


Judy Alcock - ALC Paraprofessional


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Mora Alternative Learning Center

400 Maple Ave East
Mora, MN 55051
Program Description:

The Area Learning Center provides services to students who were experiencing obstacles to their academic success in the regular school setting by offering an alternative curriculum that is academically challenging and meaningful, in an environment that addresses the students' individual academic and social/emotional needs.


How is the Mora ALC an alternative to traditional education?

The alternative format of the Mora Alternative Learning Center is designed to individualize education to meet the education needs and unique personal circumstances of different groups of learners.   Instructors tailor education to individual needs and learning styles including inquiry and hands-on curriculum which means less textbook work and more assignments that include physical manipulation, visuals, activities, and partner work.

Alternative education also offers flexible scheduling and extended hours in the form of independent study to adult learners, young parents, or working students.


Who can enroll in the Mora ALC?

The Mora ALC will serve 9 - 12 th grade students from the Mora and surrounding school districts.   ALC students must meet one of the conditions listed below that qualify a student as a learner at risk of not graduating:

perform below expected performance level,

or are at least one year behind in grade level

or course work toward graduation,

or are pregnant or a parent,

or are assessed as chemically dependent,

or have been victims of physical or sexual abuse,

or have experienced mental health problems,

or have experienced homelessness any time within the past six months,

or have limited English proficiency

or speak English as a second language,

or have been excluded or expelled from high school,

or have been referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible nontraditional program,

or have a two year gap since failing a course

or is a senior who is short credit(s) for graduation


Students have a choice of working toward a diploma from their home district or from Mora High School. A guidance counselor referral form is required for out-of-district students detailing graduation requirements.   A Continuous Learning Plan is developed and filed for each ALC student.   The Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) will be updated yearly and provide student and ALC staff a education plan for the coming year.   The CLP will also address graduation plans for senior and credit recovery for students behind in credits needed for graduation.



What are the ALC enrollment options?

 The Mora Alternative Learning Center will have several different components in attempt to meet different learners needs and schedules:

Mora ALC Day Program, Mora ALC Night Program, and the Mora ALC Summer Program.   The schedule of independent study student will be individually determined based on personal and family commitments, work schedules, and attendance hours in relation to desired completion date.


  1.   Mora Alternative Learning Center Seat-Based Day Program  

The Mora Alternative day program will be a seat-based program where students attend on a daily basis and follow the traditional school calendar.   Core classes will be taught by a staff of highly qualified teachers who respect the diverse ways in which students learn. The staff will use Individualize Instruction and alternative learning/teaching methods,(including a hands-on approach) will be tailored to meet individual student needs. Students may combine mainstream classes and alternative classes in their school day.   Alternative students will have access to mainstream electives such as technical classes, foreign languages, and the school-to-work program.

  2.   Mora Alternative Learning Center Independent Study Program

The Mora Alternative Learning Center Independent Study Program is an individualized education plan that offers flexible scheduling.  Interested students usually include: adult learners, young parents, working students, or motivated, independent learners.  Students will be required to complete 95 units and 25 hours to obtain a .5 credit.  Graduation occurs when students have completed the required credits necessary for a high school diploma. 

3.  Mora Alternative Learning Center Night School Program

The Mora Alternative Learning Center Night Program will be Independent Study based.   Students will be required to complete 95 units and 25 hours to obtain a .5 credit.   The independent study format may include the A+ Anywhere computer based curriculum, packet work, individual research,   and Individualized Instruction. The night program is held Wednesday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.   Students will have access to a highly qualified teacher and must meet with them once a week to review progress and evaluate performance.

4 .   Mora Alternative Learning Center Summer Program

The Mora Alternative Leaning Center Summer Program will be open to 7-12 th grade students and consist of 4 weeks during the summer with the opportunity to earn 1.0 credit (or 2 - .5 credit classes) in an Independent Study format. Students will be required to complete 95 units and 25 hours to obtain a .5 credit.   The summer program will be made up of 3 components:   Direct Instruction,   A+Anywhere Curriculum, and instructor led activities or assignments.   Student learning and progress will be supervised by highly qualified staff.



How can a student enroll in the Mora ALC?

Students interested in enrolling in the Mora ALC should contact Karen and Judy at 679-6250 for an application and to set up an interview with staff. 



**Senior parents, please reference the above document to remember some important dates:

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      • Baby Ads:  due December 19th
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